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About this Blog: Divorce is something you do, not something you are. It is not easy, but it can be funny. I know hanging on to my humor gave me hope and courage. Divorce shouldn't cramp your style. There are whole industries devoted to helping brides plan their weddings -- why shouldn't we have a style guide for divorce?

Monday, May 20, 2013

Last Published When?

Dear fans,
I haven't posted here since last March?  What the. . . ?  What is my excuse?  I certainly have been dealing with my post-divorce life quite stylishly, or so I think, and there's been plenty to write and wine about.

If Allie Brosh can be sorely missed and celebrated when she is up to posting again (yea for her, I missed Hyperbole and a Half a lot), then perhaps I should get up the courage to post again as well.

Purl is graduating high school and moving on to college - a chapter in the co-parenting book is ending, but the co-parenting does not end, because I have to negotiate a whole lot of support from the guy I used to be married to that is not covered by the parenting agreement (ended at 18 or graduation from high-school, yep, that's as much as he would commit to - wish I'd known that much about his dependability when I married him).

Bobble the dog stayed in Indiana.  Steek the cat came with.  There's now a new canine for her to harass, I think her name here should be Bobbin, because she is all wound up at the end of her string.  A cute, shedding Springer Spaniel, whose main talent is peeing on herself when excited or nervous.

I have a new job.

Whoa, I also just got an incoming call from an inmate.  I chose not to accept it.

The new job requires me to work directly with the guy I used to be married to.  Should be interesting.

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