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About this Blog: Divorce is something you do, not something you are. It is not easy, but it can be funny. I know hanging on to my humor gave me hope and courage. Divorce shouldn't cramp your style. There are whole industries devoted to helping brides plan their weddings -- why shouldn't we have a style guide for divorce?

Friday, April 22, 2011

Playlist for Divorce #1: Afterwords

This Playlist allows you to feel calm and resigned.  Okay, maybe a certain amount of sad, but a little bit more at peace about the whole damn thing.  Afterwards.  Afterwords.

  1. "Better,"                    Regina Spektor
  2. "F**k You,"             Lily Allen
  3. "Mr. E's Beautiful Blues,"                The Eels
  4. "Change Your Mind,"                     Sister Hazel
  5. "Hands Open,"           Snow Patrol
  6. "If I Ever Leave This World Alive,"   Flogging Molly
  7. "Na Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye,"     Steam
  8. "Cold Cold Heart,"       Norah Jones
  9. "Throw it Away,"        Abbey Lincoln
  10. "Round of Blues,"      Shawn Colvin
  11. "Little Miss Can't Be Wrong,"       Spin Doctors
  12. "I Feel it All,"              Feist
  13. "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away,"      Eddie Vedder
  14. "The Gardens of Sampson & Beasley,"        Pink Martini
  15. "I Can See Clearly Now,"        Johnny Nash
  16. "De Do Do Do De Da Da Da,"        The Police
  17. "Let My Love Open the Door,"       Pete Townsend
  18. "I Have a Song to Sing, O!,"         Peter, Paul & Mary
  19. "The Weight,"       The Band
  20. "Song for the Asking,"       Simon & Garfunkel

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