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About this Blog: Divorce is something you do, not something you are. It is not easy, but it can be funny. I know hanging on to my humor gave me hope and courage. Divorce shouldn't cramp your style. There are whole industries devoted to helping brides plan their weddings -- why shouldn't we have a style guide for divorce?

Monday, February 21, 2011

Custody of the Neighborhood

The guy I used to be married to called me the other day for the sole purpose of telling me that I shouldn't go to a theater performance he would be in next weekend because "it would make him feel uncomfortable."  Yes, that's right.  We've been separated for seven years and divorced for five.  He has a decent job, bought a nice house and lives well.  I quit my job, the one I held because it gave our family some health insurance, sold my house, and went back to school.  Right now I'm still at the ground-floor entrance level of a new career path, barely making enough to shop at Goodwill on their 50% off days.  There's one theater group in town.  So my date and I we thought, what the hell, let's go.  It won't be any more awkward for him than it is for me.  And then he calls, and tells me that he would be uncomfortable?  Who gave him custody of the neighborhood, I'd like to know.

Using my best divorce humor, I approached the situation with tact.  "So, I said, ". . . I guess this means you're not going to comp us the tickets?"

Review to come next week.